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Breeding hamsters is probably something, every owner of hamsters is dreaming about. But this is not an easy task and you should think well about it, before you attempt to mate your hamsters. It is your personal responsibility, whether or not the babies of your hamsters will have a happy life in a loving and caring environment! There are still many hamsters alive and you should think twice, if you want to increase this number.

If you can´t give them a proper home, don´t start breeding!

There are many petshops (depending on the country you´re living in), which will take your Babies to sell them. But this should be cleared BEFORE you mate your hamsters.

This world is not in need of any more unwanted hamsters, suffering their life, only because someone thought, it must be "nice" or "neat" to breed his hamsters !!!

However, if you finally decide to breed your hamsters, let me tell you that this is one of the most exciting experiences ever you can participate.

The following sections will give you an overview and particular informations about breeding syrian golden hamsters. If any of your questions are not answered here, feel free to contact me by eMail. A good idea is, to subscribe to a good, responsible moderated eMail-list with trustworthy members to answer your questions.

The best (IMO) is the HamsterMailingList, by Susan K.Mireles. On this Mailing-List all questions regarding hamsters can and will be discussed and your questions will be answered properly and quickly. This list has members from all over the world and of all ages - Kids are as welcome as older people - is moderated and safe for children.

General remarks on breeding hamsters

The mating



Weaning and separating the babies

The youngsters

Special food-requirements during pregnancy and nursing

Problems during pregnancy and nursing


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