I can see your astonished face right now...yes, hamsters NEEDS meat - they aren´t vegetarians.

In nature they eat all sorts of insects. But you should carefully think about your environment, before you feed self-collected/hunted insects to your hamsters. Living in big cities, the insects are contaminated with all sort of bad substances coming from cars and the industrie (smog is not only a problem for humans). Outside cities, the insects carrying herbicides and other dangerous stuff, our "modern agriculture" is using to optimize their profit.

If you want to feed crickets and mealworms to your hamsters, the best bet is to look out for a petshop selling them. Petshops selling reptiles are mostly also selling crickets and mealworms - or at least they know where you can get them.

Meat, esp. chicken and turkey, has to be UNSPICED and WELL DONE ! But you can use leftovers, if you remove the spiced skin and feed only the white meat. Personally, if we had chicken, i save a bit of breast and the bones from the wings. My hamsters go for it.

If you´re feeding a special hamster-mix, they got all needed nutrition (including proteins) out of the pellets. So there´s no need to feed additional meat. But hamsters likes an interesting, changing and various diet. Try it. Your hamster will love it.

Like always: introduce new parts to your hamsters diet slowly to prevent upsetting his system.

Warning: Don´t feed any previously frozen meat raw to your hamsters !!! If it was frozen, feed it only cooked !!!

Meat (unspiced!)

Other protein-sources


cooked Fish
cooked Chicken
(Bones of Chicken)
cooked Turkey
(Bones of Turkey)
raw or cooked Steak

Dog Biscuits
Egg (scrambled or boiled)

raw Egg
raw Chicken
raw Turkey
raw Fish
Pork, all kinds
Organs, all kinds

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