Veggies should always be fresh, washed, dry and NOT previously frozen. Hamsters in pet-shops seldom gets any veggies or fruits, so you should introduce them slowly and in small amounts to your Hamsters diet, to prevent upsetting his system (can cause diarrhea, in that case, stop feeding veggies, feed a bit of yoghurt till the problem is solved).

Don´t feed each day the same ! Make his diet as interesting for him as possible and change the sort of given veggies as often as possible. To get each day a new and different food will make your hamster happy (and probably healthy).

Warning: Don´t feed any previously frozen veggies to your hamsters !!!



Only small amounts !

Acorns, Broccoli,
Carrots, Cauliflower,
Celery, Chicory,
Clover, Corn,
Courgettes, Cress,
Cucumber, Dandelion,
Dock, Groundsel,
Kale, Parsley,
Peas, Pumpkin,
Spinach, Sweetcorn,
Turnip, Watercress

Boiled Potatoes
Breakfast Cereals (without cacao)

Brussel Sprouts

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