Hamster Personality

This is Baxter - our Mr.Cool "Hey, gimme 5". His proud cage-cleaners are Kelly and Kevin. See this cutie standing in his ball, staring at the camera and saying "Hey, what´s up ? Take that stuff away and lemme roll again !"

Baxter is a male shorthaired cinnamon syrian golden hamster.

Another ball-loving hammy....

"...Uhm...the camera-girl is back..."

"...Okay, okay, i´m coming..."

"...always the same problems with these architects...scheduling too early, and then they have not finished what they´ve promised...and where, do you think, should i place my flower pots ? And I´ve said ROUND....didn´t I ?"

"...Hmm, okay, there IS something round...but i still have to talk to this architect-guy..."

"Still active with your camera ? Grmpf..."

"...You wanna fight it out ?
I´m the Hammy-Weight-World-Champion ..."

"...I can´t see you - so you can´t see me. I´ll be back when the camera´s gone !!!"

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