Hamster Personality

The star of Mad House Hamsters - the gangsta-rappin hammy - the one and only - Silver !

If you hear a dragster coming down the road, be sure your female hammies are secured - Silver is comming !

Silver is a male longhaired blue roan syrian golden hamster.

Well, to get him acting for this pictures, his agent got a lifetime sunflower-seeds contract and the promise, to keep all sort of "mac and cheese" away from him.

I forgot the hammie-power-pc, a separate telephone-line and the internet-account...

"Hey, you, get me outta here and i´ll teach you Hammie-Poker..."

"...That´s not exactly what i meant, when i ask you to get me out..."

"...hmph..what would you say, if i take a picture of you while you´re peeing ? Eh ? "

"...and my daily drop give me today, and forgive me..."

"Hey, you with the damn camera ! Enough is enough !"

You´re right, Silver, good night!

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Pictures on this page courtesy of Susan Mireles

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