Well, first I welcome you on HammyWorld - the first multilingual Hamster-Site on the Web that I know -if you know another one which provides more than one language, please send me an eMail. HammyWorld is the english part, the german part is called HamsterWelt. We´re currently working on the whole project, so please be patient with us. The spanish, italian and french versions will come as soon as the translations are done. If anyone wants to translate HammyWorld into his own language, feel free to contact me.

Please have in mind, that this is not and will never be a commercial site or a support-site for books or other products. There are several sites on the Web, owned and operated by commercial breeders and/or book-authors, which are sometimes providing the opinion of only one person like it´s the absolute truth. I´ll try to provide as many different opinions as necessary for you to build your own one. I hope this helps.

On this Site, i want to provide all available informations about our pets - Hamsters. There are too many rumors about what to do or not to do, which cage is the best, how many syrians can be kept in one cage...etc etc..

I´m not the one and only AllAboutHamster-Man, but i try to give you the opportunity to get informations out of books, direct from book-authors, trustworthy site´s on the internet and own experiences from me and many friends from several countries. What you´re doing with these informations, is your problem....grin.

All parts of HammyWorld are plain HTML - so (hopefully) all users with all kinds of browsers should be able to enjoy what we´ve done here.

If you have any problem with the site or any given information, please contact me. HammyWorld has not been written by only one person and will only stay alive, if friends and users are continuing with informations around our hamsters.

Hamburg/Germany, April 3rd 1999
Kay Michaelsen

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