All the furry little friends listed here are gone to Rainbow Bridge. To have one of your friends listed here, please send your words and/or a picture to Ginas HomeCage.

Rest in peace

"Al was my favorite hamster of all time. His trademark talent was flipping and hanging off the wire ceiling of his cage. Named after the Simon & Garfunkel song "Call Me Al," his long peachy fur and black sparkling eyes will rest in my heart forever."


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Al - Alderamin1
* Feb 1995 + June 1996

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Diddley Squat - Elizabeth
* Nov 1996 + April 23 1999

The King of the Hill, Elizabeth´s Diddley Squat. After a short time of suffering, Diddley Squat died in Elizabeth´s arms at 3:10 pm PST on Friday, April 23rd 1999, at the age of 29 months.

This cute little fighter for hammie-rights will never be forgotten.

Ike´s and Elizabeth´ relationship started under "bloody" conditions. The day Elizabeth met him in an overcrowded tank at a petshop, he has already bitten three customers. When Elizabeth tried to pick him up, he did it once more: a strong bite into her finger, saying "Let me sleep!". While treating her wound, she heard the employees talking to each other about "That bity hamster" and that he would be feed to the snakes that evening.

Well, Elizabeth rescued him - and he honored her with being the tamest hamster she ever had.

After a stroke, from which he sadly did not recover, Ike died on April 9th 1999.

Ike - Elizabeth
* Jan 1997 + April 9 1999

Ziggy - Elizabeth
* Jan 1997 + March 18 1999

Please click on Ziggy´s picture for his memorial-page.

I can´t say short enough what Elizabeth did there.

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