Hamster Personality
"MH Aramis"

"I´m going to my mommy...i´m going to my mommy..."

MH Aramis, still at his birth-place, Susan K. Mireles´ MadHouseHamsters, is happy singing, cause he knows he´s going to fly to his new mommy - Jill.

He can´t wait to come out of his cage....

While Aramis is on his journey to Jill (you can see her waiting at the airport for her darling), we have a little time for Aramis´ family.

He was born on September 24, 1998 together with Zsa-Zsa, D'Artagnon, Porthos, Zipp-e-dee, Silver Jr. and Eva. His mother is Jade and the proud father is Silver - the star of MadHouseHamsters.

Click here to visit Silver´s page.

Ahh...Aramis (or "Arie" - like his mom is calling him), is proudly showing his glory to the world.

Well, here you can see, that a fantastic fur like Aries´, can sometimes be a real pain...

"Time for grooming, mommy...."

MH Aramis say´s "Good bye !" ...

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Pictures on this page courtesy of Jill

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