The best way to keep a hamster happy and healthy is, to make his cage as interesting as possible. Provide a wide range of different toys and change his toys often. So he has always new and interesting things in his cage to explore. Also a good idea is an external playpen with many toys.

To provide an interesting cage for your hamster, there are several additional accessories available. Some of them you can buy in your pet-shop, but most of these toys could be easily selfmade.

In general, toys for hamsters should NOT be made of plastic. Always the better choice are materials like cardboard (uncolored), wood, stone or metal.

Toys and accessories suitable for syrians and dwarfs are listed on this page. Accessories for dwarfs only are listed here.

However, if your hamster insists of decorating the cage with things like this, you definitely know, you´ve spoiled him/her too much.....

(Picture courtesy of Elizabeth)

(Pictures courtesy of Karlie GmbH)

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