Depending on the country you´re living in, there are many products for hamsters available. Most of the major brands (Vitakraft, Hagen, Ferplast, Karlie etc.) are available near everywhere. If you can´t find a special item of your choice in your local petshop, don´t hesitate to ask them if they could order this item especially for you. Most petshops offer this service. If not, try another petshop instead of another product.

If it comes to "how to decorate a hamsters cage" i do have my own special opinion. I´m keeping and breeding hamsters for years now and many experiences and world-wide contact with other hamster-friends taught me, what is necesary and which products should be avoided. When i started with hamsters, proper informations were hard to find, so i had to learn a few things "the hard way".

However, discussions about hamster-products or the proper care of hamsters is always appreciated - don´t hesitate to write !

Basic things (Foodbowl, Waterbottle, Bedding-material) each hamster needs

Description of several available Cages, Tanks, Aquariums, Wire-Cages, Plastic-Cages, Cricetarium etc

What kind of house is good for my hammy ?

Exercise-wheels in several forms and made of several materials - what´s best ?

Accessories - what else is available ?

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