Most parts of a hamsters life will be spend inside the wheel - running several miles each night on the search for food. So the question "Which sort of wheel should I provide ?" is one of the most interesting questions after choosing the cage.

Hamsters needs these exercise ! Keeping a hamster without the opportunity of running in a wheel is absolute inadequate (gentle spoken).

To enjoy running in his wheel, the wheel

The best possible choice are wodent-wheels (see below). They have a solid floor, round entry-wholes, available in several sizes and easy to clean.

Wire Wheel

Wire wheels in different forms. Not the best choice. See DangerZone, Wire Wheels for my point of view and how to make wire wheels a bit more secure.

Standard plastic wheel. If they have rungs, they should be avoided. The solid-floor wheels could be used for dwarfs and young syrians. Cause of the small diameter of these standard-wheels, syrians will grow out of them very soon.

Plastic Wheel
Wodent Wheel

Wodent wheels - the best possible choice ! They are a bit expensive compared to plastic- or wire-wheels, but they are "a class of it´s own" and worth the money. See their WebPage for detailed informations.

These Hamster-Exercise-Balls are delivered with a stand, so you can also use them inside the cages as a wheel.


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