To keep a hamster, you need a cage, a house, a wheel, a food bowl, a water bottle, bedding material, hamster food, some fresh veggies and, of course, the hamster.

See the Care-section for more detailed descriptions. This section is about basics:

Ferplast water-bottle


Please see the care-section, "water", for the ongoing "discussion" about whether or not hamsters needs water.

There are a few different types of water-bottles available.
The most common is the brand "drinky" from Ferplast, cause they are delivered together with their cages. Personally i prefer these bottles. I have never had problems with them, after i realized, that these bottles should not be filled up to the maximum! I usually fill them up to 70%, that´s enough.

Please, don´t use a bowl for water ! Hamsters are tending to dump their bedding everywhere, so a water-bowl would be filled with bedding in no time and there would be no clear water left to drink (if you don´t want to change the water two times a day...).

You can use all kinds of bowls for your hamsters foodbowl. The only restrictions are:

  • hard enough to survive hamster-teeth
  • big enough to allow your hamster to sit inside while eating (hamsters loves it!)
  • without additional colors (eg. paintings that could be chewed up by the hamster)
  • good materials: glas, stone, hard plastic, metal
  • bad materials: soft plastic (will be chewed up), wood

Foodbowl with baby-hamster



Fluffy bedding

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